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Indexing Documents using DocuNECT Web




There are two main tasks with indexing, you are either reviewing the automated data extraction results made by the business rules, or manually indexing the documents. This behavior depends on how the lifecycle was configured. Batches that require indexing have a batch status in the Work Center batch list of Ready for Indexing. Note, if you returning to a batch that you have previously started then the batch status will be Partially Indexed.


To classify a batch click on the Index link as show below:




Indexing Overview

If you click on the Batch ID in the batch list you can quickly review the different documents in list form before accessing the indexing task:




Indexing the Batch

Once you click on the Index link from the batch list you will be presented with the indexing interface. If the batch status is Partially Indexed the following popup is displayed:



The indexing interface displays the index values on the left and the image on the right as shown below:




The index values are displayed in the defined groups to make the indexing process more logical and current index has a blue box. The screenshot above shows a batch that has been automatically indexed so you can see the infoicon.png that provide more information of the where and how the value was extracted. Percentage confidence thresholds have been set so you can see that the Product index extraction confidence has fallen below the defined level (in this scenario 80%) and its marked in red for you to confirm/change:




Once you have reviewed/entered the value then click on the check mark () to accept the value and remove the notification.

In order for the indexing process to continue all issues need to be resolved.



Using the Data Grabber

If the document has been OCR'd then you can use the data grabber to simply "grab" the information directly from the document.




Using Database Lookups

If the index has a Lookup button to the right of the value then a database lookup has been configured. If you click on the button a popup will be display that allows you to search by different values to fine the information you need. If the lookup has been configured against DocuNECT owns data table structure and you have the appropriate permissions then you can edit the records if you see an issue:



Selecting a record will close the popup and populate the links fields.



Completing the Document

Each document has the following options:







Allows you to go to the next document in the batch. Note, all issues with the document need to be resolved which includes index validation rules (for example: date in the right format) or confidence thresholds. Clicking Next will also save the indexes.


Allows you to go to the next document without addressing the issues. This allows you to come back to a document if the information you need is in another document in the batch.


If you do not know how to index the document but need to continue with the batch, the document can be escalated to another user. You have the option to move the document to an error batch for further research.


Applies the changes made to the indexes.


Reverts the index values before any changes were made.

Clear All

Clears all the index values.





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