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Using the Inbox




My Tasks

The my tasks list all tasks that have been assigned to you. You will also receive an email notification when you receive a task, however, email notifications can be switched off in your My Account settings. The task list shows who the task name, the instruction, who the task is from, the priority and also when it was received. If the task priority is high the task item will be red. If the task has not been open before then it is bold.




Working on a Task

Click on the tasks to display it. Each task packet has the following sections:


Task Details - The task information at the top display the main document link, which is the document associated with the workflow.

Additional Links - Additional documents, or links, that support the task decision.

Comments - Allows you to add comments to provide feedback during the workflow process.

Process History - Allows you to review which users have also provided input to the workflow process.



Types of Tasks

The action you will be asked to take will depend on the type of task:


Notification - This task type is used for notifications only and the action will be present a Complete button.

Task - This task requires you to either approve or reject.

Signature - Signature tasks also requires you to approve or reject, but approval also requires an electronic signature (username, password, and reason for signing).




Workflow Comments

Update the progress of the task by adding a workflow comment, which you can do without having to complete the task itself.



Role Tasks

Role tasks are accessible to everyone in the assigned role.


On clicking on a role task it will prompt you to put it in you My Tasks inbox. You can also assign multiple tasks to your inbox





Task History

Once you have completed a task it will be added to your Task History tab for reference purposes:





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