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Managing Tasks




If you are a member of a role that has the Manage Workflow Tasks option then you can administer the tasks.


This interface allows you to search for any instance permissions to and you can access the workflow instance by using the following methods:


Instance - Search workflow tasks by instance ID.

Batch - Search by batch ID. Note, this only applies to batch based workflow.

Document - Search workflow tasks by the linked document indexes. For example, if you are using an Accounts Payable workflow then you can search by any of the index values with the linked invoice.



Managing the Tasks

Once you have workflow displayed you can either view the associated tasks you can:


View Tasks - Displays all the associated workflow tasks

Complete - Completes the workflow and maintains the workflow history.

Delete - Deletes the workflow and the history.



Task Reassignment

If you view the tasks then you can see all the active tasks within the workflow.



You can re-assign user tasks to other users:





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