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Using Document Actions





Once the document has been located, different actions can be performed on the document directly from the search results context menu, or the document toolbar menu. Document actions may also be available from a dashboard if your system is using one for a particular role.






To display a document double click on the search results, or select Open from the context menu. The document is displayed in its native format in a document viewing window. DocuNECT also has a built in image viewer that supports TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF files. If the image file has multiple pages then page thumbnails are displayed.





Different versions of a document can be stored and accessed for reference purposes:





Depending on the user’s permissions, this option either views or edits the index values:




Checkout, Check-In, and Undo Checkout

Depending on the user’s permissions, documents can be checked out for editing. This places a lock against the document to prevent other users from editing at the same time. On check-in the user can set the version and enter any change comments.




Email Document and Email Link

Either the document or the link to the document can be emailed to external users or users within the system.


Email document:



Email link:




Copy Link

This option copies the link to the document to the Microsoft Windows clipboard so it can be copied into another system or document.



Document Comments

Comments can be made on a document as part of a review process. Links to other documents or web sites can also be included.




Workflow Info

Displays the history of all the workflows the document has been associated with the document.





More Document Actions

Document actions can be added to the system to provide features. If your organization has added custom actions then they will be listed here.




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