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Using QuickLink to Search for Documents




Starting QuickLink

QuickLink is located in the DocuNECT program group and once opened the following search screen is displayed:



There are two parts to the search interface, the search criteria and the profile.


You can either manually enter the search criteria or use the grab icon to grab a value to search from a business application. The profile will default to the last search you made but you can use the pick-list to select another profile.


Using the Grab Icon

Click on the grab icon next to the search criteria:



On pressing the grab icon, the screen will change allowing you to select the desired value with the mouse.



Once grabbed the value is then placed into the QuickLink search criteria:



The associated action will be automatically initiated to display the result.




Using the HotKeys

QuickLink can be placed in the system tray by clicking on the minimize icon as shown below:



Once in the system tray you can initiate a search by pressing the Hot Key.


Display Hot Key - This displays QuickLink ready for you to select a search.

Profile Hot Key - If the profile has an associated hot key defined, pressing this will initiate value grab to perform a search.




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