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Navigating the DocuNECT Web




This section provides information on how to navigate the DocuNECT Web.



Logging In

In many cases the login page can be customized to your corporate look and feel, but the login process is the same. The following screenshot shows the login page for the Portford Financial demo system:



Depending on how your administrator has setup the policies, you may be required to use strong passwords and change your password on a regular basis.



Changing Your Password

If you have forgotten your password you can change it by clicking on the Change Password link. Note, you will need to now your existing password to change it.




Resetting Your Password

If you need to reset your password (i.e. you do not have your current password) then click on the Reset Password link.




Main Navigation Menu

Once you have logged in you will be prompted with the main menu. The menu options reflect your permissions.



The white circle indicates the menu option you currently have selected:



If you hover over the menu, the menu items will be displayed. Note, the menu items depends on the configuration of your system.





The Settings menu allows you to access system-wide options and will depend on your permissions. Typically this is a business administration or designer option.


To change your personal settings, click on the My Account option.





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